11th Cattleman's Bull Sale Results

BLACK Angus Performer M105 proved the class act at the Avenue Range stud’s 11th annual cattleman’s bull sale, on Wednesday last week, fetching an impressive sale-topping $16,000.

The 22-month-old son of United States sire KCF Bennett Performer was the heaviest in the catalogue offered by stud principals Ben and Samantha Glatz.

The 979 kilogram bull had commanded plenty of pre-sale interest.
The winning bid for the Lot 4 bull came from Brooklyn Station manager Drew Maxwell, who has taken over the bull breeding operations for AJ&PA McBride’s South East properties, from Newry Station.

Mr Maxwell was impressed by its “proven cow making pedigree” and longevity, with M105’s dam due to calve on her eighth natural calf and her great grand dam producing 13 calves.

M105 also had great docility with a 4.5 out of 5 star docility score.
Glatz’s Black Angus has retained the semen marketing rights.

Both the sale average and top price were down on 2017’s exceptional result but there were still plenty of positives, including selling the largest number of bulls since the sale began.

In the breakdown 68 of 71 structurally correct and well muscled bulls averaged a very credible $6846.


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