c Glatz's Black Angus

Ben Glatz Beefclass

Breedplan Accreditation # 1013

There is no doubt that structural traits can seriously impact the performance, fertility, longevity and sustainability in all classes of livestock including beef cattle.

The Beefclass Structural Assessment System was designed by the MLA, the BIA and several Breed Societies to address structural issues in beef cattle.

It is widely recognized that structural imperfections in sires have detrimental effects on conception rates and calving patterns therefore impacting profitability.

These variances are highly heritable and are passed to the

progeny. Breeding females with inadequate structural integrity are more prone to weaning lighter calves or conceiving later in the mating period than their more functional contempories.

Although most beef producers subconsciously factor structural soundness into breeding and management decisions, some may be surprised with the degree of structural variation within their herds.

Ben Glatz Beefclass has been applying the Beefclass Structural Assessment System to approximately 20 prominent seedstock herds in SA, Vic and WA for the last five years.