About Us

Our passion is our life's work... It is purely by choice that the Glatz’s are Angus Seedstock producers. Passion and integrity are the reason why Glatz’s Black Angus are industry leaders.

We remain dedicated to our stringent breeding philosophies. Our energy is channelled towards the key profit drivers which are relevant to all commercial beef breeding businesses. Glatz’s Black Angus bulls are bred to be fertile, docile, structurally sound, easy care cattle that consistently breed genuine performance and good type to their progeny.

Our herd grazes dry land perennial pastures consisting of phalaris, fescue and sub clover grown with an approximate annual rainfall of 550mm. The cattle are rotationally grazed at 30 DSE / ha with minimal supplementary hay feeding during late autumn and early winter.

Sound footed cattle are paramount due to our predominantly sandy loam soils with very little surface limestone.

Black Angus artificially inseminates approximately 300 females annually to begin calving from the middle of April. All heifers are joined to calve as two year olds. No empty females are carried over to the following year or subsequent calving seasons.

It is critical that the breeding criteria and management practices of your bull supplier mirror those of your own. If the environment, selection tools and market focus are shared, the fruits of your genetic investment will meet and surpass your expectations.