Glatz's Black Angus

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Ben and Samantha Glatz

Mobile: 0407 712 455

2135 Avenue Range Rd,
Avenue Range, SA. 5273

299 Caroona Lane,
Branxholme, Vic. 3302

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Glatz's Black Angus 3 Year Guarantee

All Glatz’s Black Angus bulls are backed by a 3 YEAR GUARANTEE. In the event of a bull proven to be infertile or incapable of natural service the vendor can either offer a suitable replacement if available or issue a credit for future sales. The credit is a pro-rata value of the bull minus the salvage value.

The guarantee can only apply if the bulls incapacity is not caused by injury or disease since taking delivery. Any claim must be accompanied by a relevant veterinary certificate. The vendor retains the right to obtain independent veterinary confirmation of any claim.

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