Glatz's Black Angus

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Glatz’s Black Angus bulls are problem free bulls.

Angus cattle the way they should be. High performance, structurally sound and docile.

Glatz bulls are generationally bred to be more robust, muscular and profit driven in comparison to some Angus cattle of today. Black bulls that are ideally suited to self-replacing weaner producers with calves finished on grass or short-term grain.

The Glatz’s Black Angus brand offers marketability, consistency, post-sale service and industry-grade acclaim.

Glatz’s cattle continue to stand at the very forefront of beef production. Leading the way in both grass-finished and grain-fed carcase competitions, weaner sales, Auctions Plus sales, and visually appraised competitions. These are the sound reasons why cattle breeders repeatedly look to Glatz’s as their preferred genetic partner.

Ben Glatz

Glatz's Black Angus 3 Year Guarantee

All Glatz’s Black Angus bulls are backed by a 3 YEAR GUARANTEE. In the event of a bull proven to be infertile or incapable of natural service the vendor can either offer a suitable replacement if available or issue a credit for future sales. The credit is a pro-rata value of the bull minus the salvage value.

The guarantee can only apply if the bulls incapacity is not caused by injury or disease since taking delivery. Any claim must be accompanied by a relevant veterinary certificate. The vendor retains the right to obtain independent veterinary confirmation of any claim.

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