Glatz’s Black Angus continues to be an industry leader regarding the assessment of docility. All bulls are offered with a 1-5 Star Rating for docility along with Trial Breedplan Docility EBV’s.

Docility in beef cattle is an extremely heritable trait that is regularly overlooked when making breeding decisions.

Cattle that possess unacceptable temperament qualities are not only a danger to handle, but are regularly at the lower end of performance in any environment and are considerably more unreliable in regard to carcase quality.

Black Angus remains to be extremely diligent in its genetic selection for bloodlines that do not threaten the general docility of our herd.

Unfortunately, there is still a perception in the wider market place that Angus seedstock producers need to pay a little more attention to docility. If this is the case, we as bull providers to the commercial industry must address the situation.

The Docility Star Rating for every bull is the result of stringent recording of its behaviour when placed in various pressure situations. The scoring has been conducted a number of times by independent and in herd personnel.

All scores for each bull have then been tabulated to determine an

average Docility Star Rating ranging from 1 – 5 Stars. Please remember that Glatz’s Black Angus refuses to offer any bull for sale that is considered to display unacceptable temperament characteristics

Extremely docile. No movement or stress is expressed when confined.

Shows minimal stress when confined. Minimal intermittent movement.

More regular movement whilst confined. Some tail twitching.

Constant movement whilst confined. Tail twitching. Some jumping in crush.

Snorting, jumping, extremely tense. Rapid exit from crush.